about Yarintersenter

The limited liability company » Yarintersenter » was founded on October 29, 2012, a perpetual License to conduct educational activities, issued by the Department of education of Yaroslavl region, a series of 76Л02 No. 0001027 reg.  No. 259/16 from 26.04.2016, the Founder of  OOO » Yarintersenter » is doctor of pedagogical Sciences Sergeeva, Olga.

Mission: assistance to economic development of Russia, development of entrepreneurship, training of highly qualified personnel capable to work effectively in changing economic conditions.


Objective: to increase the competence and awareness of interested persons in obtaining additional professional education, professional retraining, organization of their own business; to promote the development of small and medium-sized businesses


Within cooperation with the organizations and the enterprises of the region, and also for physical persons offers:

training on additional professional programs with issue of documents of the established sample:

— professional retraining from 250 hours on programs «Finance and credit», «Management of the organization», » Commerce (trade business)», «Marketing», «Jurisprudence», «State and municipal management», «Applied Informatics», etc.;

— training courses from 16 hours: «Basics of entrepreneurship», «Business planning», «management of the head», «Taxes and taxation», «organization of marketing activities», «Business foreign language», «Legal basics of doing business», etc.;

— curriculum of courses in the field of TRANSPORT SECURITY;

— training programs in the field of EDUCATION;

training with the issuance of certificates:

— seminars, round tables, trainings, workshops, briefings on relevant topics for the organization;

— courses in the field of beauty industry (manicure, eyebrow architecture);

— courses in the field of photography (working with Photoshop, photo basics);


The peculiarity of the organization of training-customer focus:

— group and individual training

— full-time and distance learning

— coordination with clients of training time

— management of groups of 5 people or more

— development of course programs at the request of organizations


Applications will be accepted

— in the e-mail: ooo.yarintersenter@yandex.ru

— by phone 8-961-158-38-98

— address: g. Yaroslavl, Sverdlova str., 18 office 23